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Roasting coffee

May 4, 2011

I recently started roasting my own coffee.

Why would I do that? Surely it takes a lot less time and energy to just go down to Starbucks and buy a pound of coffee!

Well yes… but I grew up in Bend, Oregon with coffee shops and local roasters like Backporch Coffee, and Simply Organic. Starbucks has it’s advantages: particularly a great atmosphere to get some work or studying done. But something has always been missing when I brew up some Starbucks in my french press. The flavor of the locally roasted coffee that I was introduced to in my hometown was never quite matched by Starbucks.

So I bought a popcorn popper and followed the method and advice of my friend, Dave Beech, who owns Backporch in Bend. It turns out it is great! I am having the best coffee I’ve had in years and I’m roasting it in my own house! I’ve tried a couple different countries so far: Brazil, Ethiopia, and my favorite so far; Panama. And the result’s have been phenomenal. A bold cup of coffee with distinct flavor and smooth texture. Everything you could want in a cup of coffee.

I recently proclaimed my excitement to some of my friends over how good my first batch of coffee was. Their reply was, “Do you think it may be a sort of placebo effect? I mean; since you are the one who roasted it, do you think you might be elevating the flavor of your coffee a little bit?”

This was a very legitimate question! How could I possibly have created great coffee with no experience in my own kitchen? So I came up with a solution:

“Come over and try it!” I said, “then I’ll know for sure. And please be totally honest about how it tastes.” And they did. And they liked it. And I sent them home with a quarter-pound for them to enjoy. I want to make the same offer to all of my friends reading this. If you would like to try my coffee the only thing you have to do is leave a comment and I we will set up a time to roast some coffee, I’ll make a fresh press, and I’ll give you some to take home. It’s easy enough that I think you’ll probably start roasting your own too!

Popcorn popper for coffee roasting

The machine that does the work


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