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The two-step process to be awesome…

May 11, 2011

There isn’t one.

The other day I wrote about that feeling that so many of us have: the desire to be awesome. The response that I had from the people I heard back from indicated that I’m not the only one who feels like being boring and un-remarkable isn’t what we really want to do with our whole life.
Obviously, there’s not a lack of desire to do what we feel that we’ve been created for. We all have something burning inside of us to make a dent, push past obstacles and create something new and meaningful. This is the part that makes us human. We were created in God’s image and that desire was transferred to us.
What we are lacking though is direction. Where do I go? How do I do it?
There is a reason that self-help books sell better than any other genre in the bookstore. People are trying to figure out how to put action to the desire inside of them to be awesome (No shame! I’m definitely one of the people who buys these books). I’m constantly reading some type of book to boost my productivity, sales tactics, people skills, etc…
The problem with this is that there’s not a map for us to be awesome. We cannot read a how-to book that will give us a ten-step process to be remarkable, connected and valuable. Think about the people in the history books. The ones that mattered… Ben Franklin, Johannes Gutenburg, Thomas Edison, Isaac Newton, Pablo Picasso, George Lucas. What did they all have in common?
They were doing something new. Something they loved. Something that nobody else could tell them how to do. If these guys had decided to follow a how-to manual, we would have never even heard of them. Our value comes from our ability to be creative and amazing.
But in interest of not lying to you in my title of this post, I’ll give you two-step program for being awesome:
Try something that you’ve never tried before. Something that scares you. Something that has a potential for failure. Go where nobody has gone before. Do the ridiculous. Be a finisher.
Repeat step two. Repeat as often as you possibly can. Fail as often as you can. It’s a numbers game: The more you try new things the odds that you will have something succeed will rise.


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