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The secret to being successful if you’re not “traditional”

December 24, 2011

Is to be great at being non-traditional. The interesting thing about the end of mass is that we all are non-traditional now. In at least one part of your life, you do not follow the norm. Whether it is window-farming or specialty coffee you are not a part of the mass. So, for you, it doesn’t make sense to look at the mass-market because you can build something of greater value anyways.

Instead of trying to make what you do more like the “traditional” model, use it as a starting point and tweak it (there’s a reason that it became traditional).

The bottom line is this: you’re wasting time when you try to do someone else’s trick better and better. Take the best idea you can see and do something to improve it in a way that no “normal” person would.


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