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You’re bored because you’re boring

December 28, 2011

Be the opposite then. Be interesting.

Do you remember when you first started this job or class or relationship?

“How do you like it?” Your friends and family would ask you.

You  couldn’t rant for less than two minutes about all of the new things you’ve been learning or the stories the people you work with have told you (if it wasn’t this way for you, it’s because you live in a shell. Your fault, not theirs).

You came across as interesting to that friend because you were interested.

Now I’ll ask: How do you like your job?  (or fill in the blank)

Call it a honeymoon stage, call it naivety or whatever you want. That’s crap. You’re bored or uninvolved or jaded because you stopped being interested. You realized that there was a boundary that you’re not supposed to step outside of and you became uninterested in finding it. Ever seen a dog with an invisible fence?

Nobody ever does anything great by staying in boundaries. Low risk – low reward. People who find boundaries and cross them are both more interesting and more highly rewarded.

Here’s something you can do today to quit being boring. Ask a single question that will help you find a boundary. Verbally ask your boss or spouse or friend or professor where the boundaries are. Do it in your calculus class or in your fast food job. Once you have an answer (if you didn’t get one you didn’t try – seriously) cross it. If it’s a real boundary, that’s great. Some of them actually help us grow. If it’s just a facade, do away with it.

Become awesome at continually trying something new.


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