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Information imbalance is why you waste time and money at the gym and don’t get healthier

January 6, 2012

Gyms are designed to be useless. If all of the people who have gym memberships worked out even semi-regularly, they would be overcrowded and lose members. That’s fine. They make a lot of money telling you that you’re fat. Not a lot of people complain. After all they knew what they were getting into when they signed the membership contract.

Plenty of businesses follow this model. Producing a product that is just good enough to get by. Packaging crap in a golden bag. When you open the bag up though, it still smells like crap. Most mobile phones are this way. My cable-internet provider was this way. Many of the classes taught in colleges are this way.
People are smart though. Businesses that act this way won’t last for long. Services that prevent information imbalance will become very important in the next couple of years and the gap between terrible and acceptable will continue to grow


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