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If you don’t know everything, start here

Start now. It might not be the smartest thing to start a business in your sophomore year of college.

Or it might be Facebook.

Those who cant do, teach. Those who are still too scared to do, learn. You can only hide behind “learning” for so long.

[update] about those who teach…
They may have already done. So be careful with the final paragraph. In the same respect, a basic knowledge is still needed to start anything. Just as long as learning is actually a peeling back of fear rather than a wall to hide behind.


One simple way to start studying more effectively (and retain your sanity)

Is to study only what you love.

The obvious, closely related truth is that you need to learn to love more subject matter.

Relate it, somehow, to what you love or drop it. The choice is yours.

When you’re sick

You begin to make priorities of the things that really matter. You make the time for things like rest, eating what is right for your circumstances and skipping what doesn’t really matter. I think we should all act like we are sick more often.

Thank you cards in a digital age

The funny thing about becoming more and more digital is the way that it adds value to the analog way of doing things. This past month I received not just one, but three thank you cards. Actual paper cards. Written out. By hand.

Now to be clear… I didn’t do anything deserving of a thank you. If anything I was the one that should have been writing the thank you cards. I went to a quick graduation ceremony where I actually watched six friends graduate. Then I went to a friend’s birthday party. The cost to me was next to nothing. Maybe $30 in gifts.

But the way that each one of those people took the time and effort to write those cards out and then mail them or hand deliver them makes me realize that even though I’m one of those people who loves my technology (what would I do without my iPhone!?), there is real value in the gesture of a hand written card.

The funny thing is, I quickly reciprocated the receiving of these cards with a, “thank you for your thank you card,” text message. I guess it’s time to go buy some thank you cards!

The truth about investing in our future…

Is that if we only invest time and money, we will fail. Yet these are the only two aspects that most people think of when we talk about investing. But there’s another aspect of investing that must be present in what we want to do: the emotional investment.

Sure, we could just skip it and have a result that is dead, dry and boring. But if we want to do something that is really awesome, it will take being passionate about doing it and then investing emotionally.

I think this is true in our relationships (with people or God), business, work, and school.

The Lie

Is that you have to show up to work, or school, or wherever it is that you spend the majority of your waking hours, and turn your brain off so that you can make it through the day.

“Later on,” we tell ourselves, “I can do what really matters to me.”

I don’t have time for that. Do you?


One reason…

…why we don’t do something awesome right now is because if nobody has asked us to do it then it’s our neck on the line.

But it’s totally fine if it’s an idea that really takes off! Then we’re quick to point out that that was, “my idea.”

Being more responsible is a good thing. Remember: try a lot. Fail a lot. Win some of the time. Failing isn’t a step backwards necessarily. But worse than failing is not trying. Staying at zero. Being completely boring as a person…

That sucks.

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